• Malaysian gambler nabs $8.3 million Toto windfall


    Sports Toto ticketsA 33-year-old gambling enthusiast from Malaysia has crammed his wallet with a stunning $8.3 million in cash. The fortunate winner in question has already claimed his life-changing jackpot at the Sports Toto office in Kuala Lumpur. He plans to put his winnings toward a home and a car, while his family will also benefit from […]

  • Robbers disguised as cops mug gamblers


    Card gamesPublic trust in police has slid in recent years, but nobody expects to be robbed by two cops. However, that’s what to some extent happened in the city of Aurangabad (Maharashtra). A group of friends were enjoying some card games when all of a sudden two unknown individuals appeared. The duo pretended to be police […]

  • House where Aamir Khan grew up now a gambling spot


    Aamir KhanAamir Khan would like to purchase the property that his family used to own. However, the home has become an old wreck where locals enjoy illegal gambling sessions. Additionally, a family has already purchased a section of the house. For that reason, it’s doubtful whether Khan can still buy his former family home. Celebrity house […]

  • Cyberabad hotels home to illegal gambling


    HotelCyberabad Police are targeting luxury hotels in an attempt to crack down on clandestine gambling. An increasing number of gamblers take refuge in such hotels to enjoy their favorite pastime. Initially, it was a successful way to stay under the radar, but authorities have uncovered the new trend among black-market gamblers. Police raid at hotel […]

  • Prisoner files lawsuit over multimillion lottery jackpot


    Jonathan Lee RichesJonathan Lee Riches is convinced that he’s entitled to a $1 million share of a Powerball bonanza. The inmate has even filed a lawsuit in an attempt to collect the lottery money. Lisa and John Robinson from Munford claimed the windfall back in January. Riches also sues the Powerball and the Multistate Lottery Commission. Rightful […]

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