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  • Royal Panda player scoops live blackjack win worth 62 lakh rupees


    Royal Panda Live Blackjack tafelA fortunate gambling fan has bagged a life-changing bonanza whilst playing Royal Panda Live Blackjack. Meet Roger, who took home a stunning £112,102 in cash (approximately 62 lakh rupees) courtesy of an impressive run of good luck. This incredible payout shows why Royal Panda’s dedicated tables are such a big hit amongst gambling fans. Awesome […]

  • ₹1.1 crore tally of wins at Royal Panda’s online casino


    Royal Panda live rouletteSix Royal Panda players have crammed their wallets with a fat wad of cash, totaling a stunning ₹1.1 crore. In just three days, the fortunate gamblers enjoyed a fabulous winning streak whilst playing multiple online casino games. A spokesperson for Royal Panda confirmed that the winners include players from Canada, and Europe. Amazing run of […]

  • Online casino operation smashed in Pasig City


    Belvedere Tower Pasig CityPhilippine authorities have arrested fifteen suspects in connection with a rogue and clandestine internet gambling operation. The group operated a Pasig City-based online casino, according to a spokesperson for the Philippine National Police. In addition to the fifteen Chinese suspects, a man from the Philippines was arrested during the police operation. Black-market virtual casino The […]

  • Royal Panda player enjoys tally of wins worth ₹4 crore


    Roulette wheelHow about a ₹4 crore fortune as a present at the start of 2017? That’s exactly what Paul earned himself at Royal Panda, where he benefitted from an incredible run of good luck. The 59-year-old gambling enthusiast from the United Kingdom collected multiple payouts with a total value of ₹40,776,051. Happy New Year Paul! Marvelous […]

  • ₹51.7L bonanza thanks to Royal Panda Live Blackjack


    Royal Panda Live Blackjack tafelMichael has crammed his wallet with a stunning ₹‍51.7L payout thanks to a game of Royal Panda Live Blackjack. The 30-year-old Dutchman benefitted from an incredible run of good luck, which netted him an eye-watering wad of cash. Michael is one of many online casino players who have discovered the rewarding sensation of Royal Panda’s […]

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