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  • British gambler cashes 28.5 lakh rupees despite losing bet


    Horse raceMark Quickfall has crammed his wallet with a whopping 28.5 lakh rupees although Lady Luck wasn’t on his side. He and his buddies placed a ₹ 14,694 wager, which consisted of five different horse racing picks. Four of them were winning bets, netting the five friends a staggering 142.7 lakh rupees. They decided to split […]

  • Vastrapur police arrest five cricket bookmakers


    Bangladesh England cricket matchCops have detained five people who allegedly operated a betting ring at a Vastrapur-based hotel, according to local media. The five bookies allowed punters to place bets on a cricket match, and they used the so-called ‘play’ software to register the wagers. At this stage it’s unclear how many bets the bookies accepted and how […]

  • Thane Police smash underground betting operation


    Betting cash IndiaFour people have been arrested during an anti-gambling raid on an apartment in Haware City (Kasarwadavli, Maharashtra). Police carried out search operations after receiving information about illegal betting activities at the premises. Two other suspects remain at large, according to local media. Brains behind betting den Several bookmakers used the flat to accept bets, read […]

  • Ahmedabad authorities search bookmaker’s apartment


    Cricket bettingAfter busting a global cricket betting operation earlier this year, Ahmedabad authorities have raided an apartment located in Kandivali. A spokesperson confirmed that the owner, Mahendra, is one of the bookmakers linked to the illegal betting syndicate. Police officers seized multiple (cell) phones and computers, while Mittal is still at large. International betting ring Local […]

  • Indian authorities smash interstate betting ring


    Cricket bettingThirteen people have been arrested in connection with an illegal betting operation. Cash of Rs 26.48 lakh was recovered at multiple underground gambling spots. The black-market activities occurred at two locations in the city of Hyderabad, and at one spot in Secunderabad. Authorities executed the raids after receiving information about the illegal gambling. Network of […]

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