Live blackjack

Discover the excitement and please live blackjack offers. Play alongside other players against a real dealer. You can even play against a live dealer. This way you can feel like you’re playing in a traditional casino, even though you’re in familiar surroundings.

Advantages of playing live blackjack

Live blackjack enjoys a number of advantages over traditional blackjack and online blackjack. Just like in a traditional casino, you play against a real dealer, alongside other players. Only you never need to leave your house and can play from the sofa. However, you can observe the style of play and tactics of your fellow players, and see where you can possibly learn something. Furthermore, you can also keep an eye on what the dealer is up to, as everything is visible.

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Royal Panda offers you the possibility to play live blackjack with real professional dealers. You can play various forms of live blackjack with various wagers.

The interaction with the live dealer makes the game feel more personal. The dealer welcomes you and asks you what you’d like to do with the cards. While this is going on, the dealer is actually observing you via the camera. Via the chat function you can converse with the dealer and your fellow players during the game.

Live blackjack’s advantages:

  • Interaction with the dealer and your fellow players.
  • You can observe the style of play and tactics of other players, and draw inspiration from it.
  • Everything the dealer does is transparent, enabling you to keep tabs on everything.
  • The comfort of playing from home.

Table limits

There are various live blackjack tables, enabling you to play with different wagers. You can play from as little as €5, but up to €5,000! Below you will find an overview of the various blackjack table limits at the most popular live casinos:

  • €5 – €500
  • €5 – €1,000
  • €5 – €2,000
  • €10 – €1,000
  • €10 – €2,000
  • €25 – €2,500
  • €50 – €5,000
  • €250 – €5,000

Various live blackjack versions

Alongside traditional live blackjack, you can also play other variants of blackjack. has compiled a list of these versions for you:

  • Live blackjack dealerBlackjack: play the traditional version of blackjack with various wagers.
  • Blackjack VIP: play live blackjack for high stakes. These high-roller tables are VIP-only, and the stakes can reach up to €5,000.
  • Platinum VIP: only the ultimate VIPs are allowed to play at these high-roller tables, where the minimum wager is €250.

You’ll find live blackjack offers different versions of the game, in addition to the benefits of playing live. Always ensure you’ve read our blackjack game rules and strategy guides before playing.

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