Bellagio Robbery thief in jail

Anthony Michael Corleo, because he made the fatal mistake of his life of selling stolen poker tokens on to an undercover policeman on the night of Wednesday 2 February 2011. A routine operation on the part of the local police earned him the right to be handcuffed and sent to the Clark County jail.

Presumed guilty

While Anthony Michael Corleo is currently pending his trial regarding the hijacking of 1.5 million dollars consisting of some $25.000 tokens at the Bellagio, another similar case involving theft armed hands of a helmeted individual at the Sun Coast Casino a few days earlier also designates him as the presumed guilty person responsible for the hold-up.

The son of a prominent Las Vegas lawyer

In any case and it does say, which is safe, it is the case where the alleged thief turns out be identified as the true author of the heist after his trial in the days ahead, the information collected in advance are already a well-deserved reward. Anthony Michael Corleo is none other than the son of a well-known lawyer in Las Vegas.

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