Casino strategies

Here you will find an overview of the strategies for a range of popular casino games. These strategies can increase your chances of winning and make gambling even more enjoyable. You should also read through the rules for each game.

Roulette strategies

RouletteAlongside the well-known Martingale strategy, there are many other roulette strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

Blackjack strategies

BlackjackYou can influence your luck at blackjack by following a blackjack strategy. Read more about blackjack systems such as the Paroli system.

Slots strategies

SlotsDo you enjoy playing slots, but never quite manage to win? Read these slots strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Baccarat strategies

BaccaratThe flat bet strategy and the Fibonacci pattern make baccarat even more enjoyable. Increase your chances by practicing these baccarat strategies!

Solitare strategies

SolitaireThe traditional card game solitaire (also known as patience) can also be played using a strategy. Read more about solitaire strategies and start employing them.

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Caribbean Stud Poker strategies

Caribbean Stud Poker table with cardsWith Caribbean Stud Poker you play against the bank instead of other players.  Learn the strategies and increase your chances of winning.

Video poker strategies

Jacks or Better videopokerVideo poker demands knowledge and skill of the player. Read about how you can increase your chances of winning by using video poker strategies.