Baccarat strategies

Baccarat is a game of chance. Yet this game still offers you the opportunity to increase your chances of winning. Therefore, employ a baccarat strategy.

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Baccarat strategies overview

Baccarat strategyWhat is the strategy?
MartingaleIf you lose, double your bet. If you win, start over again.
The Fibonacci sequenceYour bet is the sum of your previous two bets.
The Paroli systemIf you win, increase your bet. If you lose, lower your bet.
Pattern spottingFollow a pattern when betting.
Flat bet strategyKeep your bets consistent.

Good preparation is half the battle

Before you start using a baccarat strategy, we recommend that you first read the game rules carefully. Do you want to practice one of these baccarat strategies? You can do so by playing baccarat for free.

The Martingale strategy

One of the best-known strategies is the Martingale strategy. When using this strategy, you double your bet if you lose. Should you win, you’ll not only recoup your losses, you’ll also win an amount equal to your original bet!

The Fibonacci sequence

This baccarat strategy works by following a set pattern. Your bet is always the sum of your previous two bets:


The Paroli system

Should you win, then you increase your bet. If you lose, reduce your bet again. This way, you won’t make any enormous losses and if you win, you’ll win big amounts.

Punto banco pattern spotting

Punto banco pattern spottingAnother option that can influence your chances is to spot patterns. If you see a pattern, make sure this translates to your bets. Online casinos will all display the standard patterns. You can then adjust your bets in response.

The flat bet strategy

With this strategy you don’t add funds to continue playing. You keep your bets constant, regardless of whether you win or lose. The advantage of this strategy is that if you lose, you run less risk. Namely, you won’t increase your bet if you lose, as can be the case with other strategies.

A golden tip

Before playing baccarat for money, you should first consider how much time you want to play online for, and what budget you can lose. Because proportionately, the longer you play for, the greater the chance that you’ll lose more money.

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