Caribbean Stud Poker strategy

In Caribbean Stud Poker, it’s not skill that makes the difference. The game is based primarily on chance. Yet there is a ranking system, and there are certain systems that you can use to turn the odds in your favor. Take in the systems and strategies on this page and increase your chances of winning!

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Call or fold with certain cardsWith certain cards you should stand or fold.
Betting on the progressive jackpotKnow when you should bet on the jackpot.
Don’t bluffYou can’t bluff in Caribbean Stud Poker.
The ace-king strategyThis strategy gives you more chance of winning.

Call or fold with certain cards

When you hold certain cards, then it’s always best to call or fold:

  • Always call when you’re holding a pair or higher. Even with a low pair, you’re best off raising. You’ll receive both the bet and the ante back if the dealer has a king or an ace.
  • Always fold if the dealer’s hand contains an ace and a king, and your cards are lower.
  • Whenever you don’t have a pair, your cards must match one of the dealer’s cards. If so, you can wager more. The idea is that the chances of the dealer having a pair are very small.

To offer you an overview of this strategy, the following table contains all of its relevant information.  When it says yes, call; when it says no, we recommend you fold:

Caribbean Stud Poker strategy card


Betting on the progressive jackpot

If you wish to lose as little as possible, then it’s best not to bet on the jackpot unless it has at least six digits. The chance of winning the jackpot is namely very small.

Don’t bluff

There is no point in bluffing in this game. This is a poker strategy with the aim of getting an opponent to fold. However, the dealer never passes in Caribbean Stud Poker, so bluffing only generates negative expectations.

The ace-king strategy

The ace-king strategy makes it possible to increase your chances of winning in Caribbean Stud Poker, although you’ll have to bear certain rules in mind:

  • If the dealer has an ace or a king, then you are recommended to only bet if you have a hand consisting of an ace, a king or a queen, or an ace, a king and a jack. This means you have cards that effectively block the dealer’s cards, and therefore the better ace-king hand. Or in other words, the dealer is unlikely to have a pair.
  • If the dealer’s card is a two through to a queen, only bet if you have an ace or a king, or if you hold the same card as the dealer in your hand.
  • If the dealer’s card has a value of two through five, bet if you have an ace, king or queen. This also applies if you have an ace, king or jack, as there’s a high chance you have the better ace-king hand.

The table below enables you to see at a glance what the best course of action is for a given hand:

Ace king strategy


Learn the rules, or practice for free

If, after reading these strategies, you wish to employ them in the game straight away, you can play Caribbean Stud Poker for free or for real money. Before you start, read our detailed explanation of the rules of the game through again, then you’re ready to go!

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