Blackjack rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The rules of blackjack are easy and they can be learned quickly. Take your time to study the explanation on this page well.

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Beat the bank and win!

You always play the game against the bank. The bank starts the game with the player on its left. The bank deals two cards to each player, including itself. The first card it deals to itself is laid ‘open’ on the table. As such, the value of the bank’s first card is known.

The aim of the game is to create a better hand than the bank’s. Create a hand with a value that is as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding 21. If your hand exceeds 21 you lose. Have you got a better hand than the bank? Then you win the amount you bet. Have you got blackjack, meaning two cards that add up to 21? Then you will win 1.5 times your bet!

Blackjack card values explained

Blackjack cards The rules of blackjack divide the cards into three categories of value:

10 / king / queen / jack10
Ace11 or 1

The flexible ace

The rules of blackjack give the ace a flexible value. It can be worth either 11 or 1. Normally, the ace will have a value of 11. The value of the ace changes when the player asks for an extra card that gives him a total value over 21. This would mean losing, and therefore the value of the ace changes to 1. Two examples:

  • When the player has a hand with a value of 17 and receives an ace, the value of the ace will be 1. The total value of the hand will then be 18.
  • When the player has been dealt a 4 and a 6 and then receives an ace, the ace will have a value of 11.

Options when the cards have been dealt

When the cards have been dealt, and when you do not have blackjack, you will have the following options:

StandYou are content with your cards and you do not wish to receive any more cards.
HitYou can ask for an extra card to increase the value of your hand.
SplitWhen you have received two cards with the same value, you have the option to split these into two playable hands. Careful: Your bet doubles as well.
DoubleYou double your bet and receive one more card. After this, you cannot receive any more cards.

 Using the blackjack strategy table you can see when you should use which strategy.

5 simple basic rules

  1. A tie is called a ‘push’. This means nobody wins.
  2. The bank must always stand when the value of its hand is 17.
  3. The bank can never stand when the value of its hand is less than 16.
  4. When both the bank and the player have blackjack there is a tie, or ‘push’.
  5. The hand with the highest value wins.

Protect yourself with blackjack insurance

Insurance protects the player when the bank has blackjack. The player can buy insurance when the bank deals itself an ace as its first card. This insurance will cost the player half of his original bet. If the bank gets blackjack with its second card, it will pay the player double the amount of the insurance.

After reading our explanation, the rules of blackjack should no longer hold any secrets for you. Try to apply the rules by playing free blackjack, or play blackjack at Royal Panda now!!

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