Online sports betting

Online sports betting has grown to become one of the most popular activities online in recent years. Many Indians bet successfully on sports online. Bet on your favorite sport, and you too could win!

Bet on all the popular sports

Lovers of different sports can experience the pleasure of sports betting. You can bet your money on different sports:

SoccerSoccer: bet your money on the winning team, the top scorer, or even on the losing team. Who will get a red card? Bet on all major soccer matches.
BasketballBasketball: bet on major basketball games such as the NBA, Eurobasket or Euroleague. Predict which team will win, within which time and by how many points.
Formula oneFormula One: who will win the race? Who will finish last? There are also special Formula One bets, such as predicting how often the safety car will appear.
TennisTennis: predict the outcomes of matches at, for instance, Wimbledon. You can even predict whether a streaker will interrupt the match.
CyclingCycling: bet on your favorite cycle races. Predict the winners, the retirees, and even how many flat tires there will be.
HockeyHockey: Which team will win the match or the tournament? Who will be the top scorer? Follow hockey matches and place your bets.

Responsible betting

Betting on sports is fun, as long as it remains ethical. Sadly, this is not the case with greyhound racing. Here, the greyhounds are severely neglected and are often brutally destroyed afterwards. is against this unethical form of sports betting and remains committed to the welfare of the greyhounds.

Different sorts of sports betting

Sports betting doesn’t only consist of predicting the winner. You have different ways to bet your money:

  • Individuals: predict which soccer player will score the most goals, which cyclist will clock the fastest time, and who will be in the final of a tennis tournament.
  • Outcome: what will be the score at the end of a sports match? Predict the exact points score per team, or the total number of point of a game.
  • Cards: predict how many cards will be shown during a soccer match. Which team will get the most red cards? Which player will be shown red?
  • Nationality: from which country will the winner, or the winning team, hail from?
  • Special circumstances: the weather can affect whether a sports match goes ahead or not. A match may also be interrupted by, for instance, a streaker in tennis.

Live betting

Live betting makes betting on sports even more exciting. By betting live, you can follow the game and bet during it. You can watch a game live from behind your computer. During the match, you’ll be given an array of possible bets to bet on. You can watch many matches for free if you’re logged in.

Mobile betting

You’re not at home, but you really want to place a bet? Then mobile betting is the perfect solution for you. With mobile betting, you can bet on a game from anywhere. You don’t have to stay at home as long as you have an internet connection to hand. This means that you even bet during a match while you’re in the stadium. This makes gambling really easy!

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