Thane Police smash underground betting operation

Four people have been arrested during an anti-gambling raid on an apartment in Haware City (Kasarwadavli, Maharashtra). Police carried out search operations after receiving information about illegal betting activities at the premises. Two other suspects remain at large, according to local media.

Brains behind betting den

Betting cash IndiaSeveral bookmakers used the flat to accept bets, read a statement from the Thane Police. The four arrested men include Sanjay Manek, Pratik Raghwani, Jagdish Patel and Arvind Agrhari. Police believe that Pravin Bera aka PD and Nikunj Thakkar are the brains behind the underground gambling operation, but both men have not yet been arrested.

Four men booked

“Policemen barged into the house after we received information about the illegal betting activities at the premises. Underground betting activities pick up as soon as the cricket season starts”, a spokesperson for the police commented. They also recovered multiple mobile phones, a computer, TV-set, alongside numerous betting-related paraphernalia.

Pointless restriction

Besides lottery games and horse betting, all other forms of gambling are prohibited in India. However, that doesn’t mean that gambling enthusiasts refrain from games of chance. On the contrary, Indian authorities have their hands full with a windfall of underground gambling activities that occur across the entire nation.

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