Baccarat rules

Baccarat, or punto banco, is a very interesting card game and easy to learn. Baccarat is a game of chance whereby you gamble on the outcome of the game. Read the explanation of the simple rules of baccarat on this page and increase your knowledge of gambling.

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Speed gambling

Baccarat is a simple game and learning the game’s rules won’t take much time. Baccarat is speed gambling. A game never takes much longer than half a minute.

The aim of baccarat

With this online casino cracker you’ll be betting on the bank or the player. The aim of the game is to predict which of the two hands will get closest to the total value of nine.


The cards have the following values:

King, queen, jack0
2 through 9Normal card value

The total score of a hand of cards is always the last digit of the score:

  • If you have an 8 and a 9 in your hand, then you have a total score of 7. (8+9=17).
  • If you have a 9 and a queen in your hand, and pull a four as your third card, then you have a total score of 3 (9+0+4=13).

The course of the game

Once you have placed your bet, the bank will deal two cards for you and two cards for itself:

  • Do you or the bank have a hand with a total value of 8 or 9? The game is over and the one with the hand closest to nine wins.
  • Do neither you nor the bank have a hand totalling 8 or 9? In which case, an extra card may be drawn.

An extra card for the player

You can decide yourself if you wish to draw an extra card. It is recommendable to always draw a third card if the value of your hand is 5 or lower.

An extra card for the bank

If you decide to draw a third card, the bank can also draw a card. The bank draws a third card depending on the value of its own cards and the value of the player’s third card. The following table shows which action the bank will follow:

Table Baccarat


In baccarat, you have three different ways to bet:

  • Player wins (punto)
  • Bank wins (banco)
  • Bank and player draw (tie)

There are various payout options:

Player wins2-to-1
Bank wins2-to-1 (minus 5% duty)

After reading our guide to baccarat’s rules you know enough to be able to play the game successfully online. Are you eager to put this knowledge to the test? Then play baccarat for money at Royal Panda, or try out the game first by playing baccarat for free.

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