Caribbean Stud Poker rules

Caribbean Stud Poker is a great casino game where you play against the bank, but there are multiple players at the table. It is simple to learn, but it is still important to know the game rules. The hand values are especially important, so that you know when you’re holding something valuable in your hands. Read our explanation of the rules and increase your chances of winning and knowledge!

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The aim of Caribbean Stud Poker

The aim of Caribbean Stud Poker is to create the highest combinations possible with your cards. The higher the combination, the higher the payout. You play against the bank, and before you play you place a bet called the ante. The ante can differ from game to game, or casino to casino, but is always predetermined.

Betting options

Before the game can begin, each player has to have placed an ante. This is the term for the first bet. At this point you must also decide whether you’ll bet on the jackpot. Once you’ve been dealt your cards it’s possible to place one more bet to remain in the game. This is called the raise, or call bet. Often this is double the ante.

The following rounds

There are various rounds in Caribbean Stud Poker. The order of these rounds is as per follows:

Placing the ante
First, all players must place an ante bet. You can also place a separate bet if you wish to play for the jackpot. After the ante bets have been placed, all the players and the dealer receive five cards each. In the case of the dealer, four cards are hidden and one is open.

Carry on or fold
This is the moment when you decide whether to carry on or fold (quit). If you choose to fold, you’ll lose your ante and jackpot bets. If you choose to carry on, you must double your bet.

Seeing the hand
Should any of the players choose to carry on, the dealer will look at his or her own cards. If the dealer doesn’t have at least an ace and a king, you’ll win your ante back and receive the same value on top of that. Should the dealer have an ace and a king, the hands are compared. The winner is determined by the value of the cards in their hand.

The player with the highest hand wins their call bet back. Should the player and the dealer have hands of identical value, the player receives their bet back. Whenever you have a better hand than the dealer, the payout you receive is as described in the table below.

What profit do you hold in your hand?

Although the game is more based on luck than judgment, there are different Caribbean Stud Poker strategies that can increase your chances of winning. And whenever you make a good call, you’ll enjoy a nice payout. Payouts occur on the basis of poker hand rankings, as is explained in the table below. The payout depends on the rank.

HandHandCall-bet payout
One pair2 cards of equal value1:1
Two pairs2×2 cards of equal value2:1
Three of a kind3 cards of equal value3:1
StraightSequence of 5 cards of differing suits4:1
Flush5 cards of from the same suit5:1
Full houseCombination of one pair and a three of a kind7:1
Four of a kind4 cards of equal value20:1
Straight FlushSequence of five cards of the same suit.50:1
Royal FlushThe five highest cards of any suit.200:1
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