Casino waitresses should watch their weight

Borgata Hotel Casino employeesWe strongly advise female employees at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa to watch their weight after a remarkable ruling by an Atlantic County Superior Court. Judge Nelson Johnson decided that women employed as waitress can be considered as ‘sex objects’. For that reason, casinos have the right to discharge waitresses who fail to watch their weight.

Weight discrimination

Twenty-two waitresses employed at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa diced to sue their employer, claiming they were being discriminated based on weight. The casino management requires all female employees to be weighed, which determines if they can continue working as a cocktail waitress. For that reason, the women have to abstain from junk food and they need to hit the gym regularly.

Health risks

One waitress claims she needs a prescription drug that comes with fattening side effects. Additionally, other women were advised to use laxatives to help them lose weight quickly. The possible health risks due to the weight restrictions made them decide to file a lawsuit against the casino.

Contract terms

The hotel management revealed that weight is one of the contracts’ terms, and overweight waitresses can be discharged. All women are informed about the conditions before signing the contract. Those who sign the contract with Borgata automatically agree with the terms. For that reason, the judge decided that the casino is allowed to comply with the conditions mentioned in the contracts.

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