Body of Indian-born lottery winner autopsied for second time

Urooj KahnHis death appeared to be natural at first. However, one of Khan’s family members asked for an autopsy shortly after he was found dead under suspicious circumstances. The second autopsy will show how he was poisoned. In the meantime, authorities refuse to make any comments, sparking rumors about possible suspects and conspiracies.

Jumping and screaming

Khan decided to leave Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in 1989, and he moved to Chicago. He started a couple of dry-cleaning venues, while he also invested in real-estate. In June last year, Khan purchased a scratch card ticket at a 7-Eleven store although he had promised himself to stop gambling. After winning the cash prize, the Indian-born started jumping around like a child and screamed with joy.

Physical breakdown

Urooj Khan was found dead on July 20, the day after a traditional Indian meal with his family. The 46-year-old deceased lived with his spouse and daughter in a house based in West Rogers Park, Chicago. Khan told his wife he wasn’t feeling very well that night, followed by a physical breakdown. Authorities determined he had died of natural causes, but one of Khan’s relatives smelt a rat.

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