Gambling habit not to be remedied in Bangalore

Despite efforts by the Central Crime Branch (CCB) gamblers continue to find ways to enjoy their favorite pastime. Gambling at hotels, bars, and other locations has become difficult due to the intensified crackdown by the police, forcing punters to gamble on the go. Last week, authorities discovered seven individuals gambling inside a car.

Mobile gambling den

Casino gamblingPolice officers confiscated gambling paraphernalia, including cards. Additionally, cash of Rs. 50,000 was recovered from the vehicle that served as a mobile gambling parlor. A spokesperson for the police department noted that an increasing number of people gamble in vehicles. It shows that gamblers are quite creative when it comes to their beloved habit.

Tips from frustrated gamblers

Bangalore authorities have reinforced their efforts to tackle underground gambling. “Citizens inform us about such illegal activities at bars, hotels, and houses. We have received tips from punters about black-market gambling operations after they lost large amounts of money”, the police spokesperson added.

Unstoppable force

Last week’s catch was the result of information from a punter who had gambled away a huge amount. Police investigation revealed that the operator of the car-based gambling venue was a taxi driver employed by a computer firm. Several of his buddies gambled inside the car that drove around Bangalore. This case proves once again that gamblers will always find ways to enjoy their hobby.

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