AB Tube presents Casino Tube

Online casino enthusiasts can now put their game videos online and watch the progress of other players by joining the new Casino Tube community, which is the latest site launched by the Swedish firm AB Tube.

AB Tube launched

casino tubeAB Tube which is the source of the innovative video site Poker Tube, sharing videos online poker site, indicated that Casino Tube will also give players a variety of tournaments and exclusive promotions.

A friendly game community

Founded in 2006 by Stefan Wittmoss and Ronnie Gustafsson – lovers of traditional poker tournaments – AB Tube explains that Casino Tube has been designed as a “pleasant and informative community for casino lovers” offering “many videos made by the users themselves”.

Discover new videos online

Based on the same principal as its sister site Poker Tube, the new Casino Tube allows users to download and view a vast choice of videos on casino games. At the same time it enables online casino operators to tap into a whole new group of players by organizing special tournaments and promotional offers that may also be recorded and downloaded.

Share your passion

“Many people love casino games and we are convinced that they will enjoy sharing this passion with others” said Wittmoss.

Added value to the online casino

“We consider the setting up of this community as a natural step in the evolution of poker. We have given an added value to user generated video content in the poker industry and our aim is to do the same for casino games.”

Games comments and live sequences

“As for Poker Tube, we will comment on different online casino games and we hope that operators will appreciate the content that they will find on our site. Users can also download and share live footage of their visits to land-based casinos near and far.”

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