Indore: cockfighting gains popularity

According to locals, betting on cockfighting may become a huge hit across the region. For that reason, authorities have to take action in order to prevent a trend. An increasing number of Indore ‘entrepreneurs’ consider betting on cock fights as a new source of income.

Indian tradition

CockfightingCockfighting is especially popular among members of the Bhil community (central India). However, most gamblers believe that cockfighting is a tradition that should not be considered as betting. “It’s an ancient custom. We are primarily interested in the sport, the gambling part is just a side issue,” according to one of the locals.


There are also people who disapprove the betting activities. “I think it’s disgraceful that those who wager on cockfighting drink away their winnings. Instead, they should use the money to support their families,” another local noted.

Forced to fight

Before locals indulged into the blood sport, women took care of the animals. Now they are forced to fight each other in a so-called ‘cockpits’. In local markets you would have to pay Rs 250 or more for one rooster, but there are now punters who wager them away for around Rs 10. Check our exciting news section for more gambling news from India.

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