Zinedine Zidane back among les Bleus

Zinedine Zidane the French football World Champion idol is today back among the current French national players to support them in training.

Zinedine Zidane’s return to the French football team

Since he has been out of the media limelight since his retirement in 2002, many often wonder where he is and what may have become of him. At the request of the new coach Laurent Blanc, with whom he experienced the glory years of the French national football team over a decade ago now. Zizou as he is known affectionately in France is taking up the team jersey again to play the role of big brother and adviser to the new members of the national team. Because this is his passion. He wants “his” cherished French team who he helped carry to the title in 1998 on home soil and again to the final in 2006 to reclaim her rightful place among the world football elite. He knows despite his natural modesty, zinedine zidanethat he remains an inspiration and role model to the young generation of French players.

Objective Euro 2012

Therefore the French media is hoping that this providential intervention will give the young and talented new generation of players the necessary lift to be successful in their bid to qualify for the Euro 2012. In the meantime, the players are pleased with their idol’s support. Zinedine Zidane too.

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