Las Vegas Beliefs and Superstitions

Would you say you have a superstitious nature?

Although a majority of us would probably dismiss being superstitious, we are often prepared to do some strange things to tempt luck and fortune.

Diverging superstitions and rituals

Different people have different opinions about what brings you luck. Certain gamblers consider it is important to dress well to go and gamble whereas others may believe that when you are “on a roll” or on a “hot streak” it is lucky not to change ones clothes for as long as the streak lasts.

So if after three days on the casino floor winning back to back, if you start getting some remarks about body odour it may be wise to announce the colour upfront and warn those around you that you have been on a roll for three days! To gamble is to tempt ones luck, therefore gamblers are by definition superstitious.

Superstitions live on in our culture today and nowhere more so than in Las Vegas, the capital of gambling and luck. Binions Horseshoe, a Las Vegas casino even has a lucky name. If you come across a horseshoe it is considered lucky, though it must be pointing at you in which case it means luck is on its way. But should you be lucky enough to find a horseshoe lying around on Las Vegas Boulevard you must be seriously lucky so head straight for a casino because you are surely on a lucky roll.

Breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder

So what if you’ve arrived in Las Vegas and have settled into your hotel room overlooking the fountains of the Bellagio when suddenly the mirror in your room is shattered. Seven years bad luck! You may as well just leave straight away and stay away for a while right? Not entirely.

There are two ways of reversing the bad luck. One is to recover all the pieces and place them in a stream without looking at your reflection while doing so. In the absence of water, you have to destroy all the pieces so that the mirror may never cast a reflection again. In these cases only, you will not suffer prejudice.

Should you accidently walk under a ladder there is also a solution to ward off bad luck. In this case simply cross your fingers while walking underneath and you will not suffer the consequences.

But have no fear. There is a simple way to counteract the bad luck of walking under a ladder. Simply make sure the next time you come across an offending ladder to cross your fingers while walking under it. However, if you plan on purposely doing so in Las Vegas beware, there are none! If you are worried, stay home and play online casino.

Many superstitions

There are many superstitions and many methods of reversing such bad luck. However at the end of the day, it is enough to enjoy yourself in the process and this will result in you feeling lucky.

So go ahead and enjoy!

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