Popular Casino Rituals

Among a majority of gamblers, rituals and superstitions are still observed when gambling in a casino. In a society of educated and enlightened people it may come as a surprise the number of gamblers that continue to use and believe in such things. Though it is acknowledged that it is all down to luck if you hope to come out of the casino with the super jackpot. However, many gamblers back this up with rituals of their own, some more bizarre than others, that they feel will ensure extra and decisive luck.

Strange and unusual rituals

If you were to spend a lot of time in various casinos observing gamblers and players you will surely witness a large variety of strange and often entertaining rituals while playing slot machines or table games. There have been many surveys conducted that highlight a wide variety and number of different rituals that are carried out. So if you have a few of your own, rest assured you are not the only one. Following, and in the next article you will find the results of these surveys.

Pre-emptive measures before Gambling

Some of the rituals can start before the gambler even lays foot inside the casino. Such elements can involve items of clothing and accessories such as jewellery or watches that are worn or discarded before going to the casino.

A whole new meaning to Lucky Meal

casserole dish One surprising example of a ritual performed before going to a casino is preparing a “lucky” meal. One woman admitted to having had very successful gambling trips after having cooked a casserole dish the night before leaving. Since making this association she will not leave on a gambling trip without having cooked a casserole!

Astrology and Gambling success

One quite common ritual or superstition is to check your horoscope or other prediction methods such as tarot readings to time your visit to a casino correctly. So the next time you consult your horoscope and read that it is a lucky day for gambling then make a b-line for your favourite casino!

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