Popular Gambling Superstitions

Common Gambling Superstitions

One of the most commonly shared gambling superstitions is the fact that it is considered unlucky by many gamblers to enter a casino via the main entrance. One of the best examples of this is the Las Vegas MGM Casino that installed the MGM lion as the main entrance. For many superstitious gamblers this proved too much. A lot of these superstitious gamblers find it too much to enter the casino through “the lion’s mouth”.

Unlucky $50 bills

Another common belief is that $50 bills bring bad luck and therefore refuse to accept them. Some casinos as a result do not give out $50 bills at the cashier when players cash in their chips. This may also explain why $2 bills have not been reintroduced as some superstitious gamblers also consider these to be unlucky.

Never count your money at the table

A third common superstition is that you never count your money during a game as this was famously put into words in one of Kenny Rogers songs, “Never count your money sitting at the table, there will be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.”

  • Never sing or whistle while gambling
  • This leads us naturally to the fourth of our common gambling superstitions that it is bad luck to whistle or sing while gambling. The origins of this superstition are uncertain.
  • Red clothing recommended
  • It is a common Asian superstition that wearing red clothes brings superstitious gamblers luck. In a similar way, it is quite common for gamblers to wear their favourite colour which they believe will bring them luck while playing.
  • Do not cross your legs

It is generally accepted among players that it is also unlucky to cross your legs while playing. It is believed that this crosses out good luck and would explain why seats are placed so close to the slot machines so that it is physically impossible to do so.

The power of superstitions

There are many gamblers that would not openly admit to being superstitious. However following a survey that was conducted, 80% of respondents admitted to believing in certain superstitions or rituals that they carry out or follow when gambling. This way of thinking can be beneficial as long as superstitions under kept under check and not allowed to control you.

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