Gambling dispute turned deadly in New Delhi

StabbingA police spokesperson stated that Rajesh Bansal stabbed his friend multiple times. The 46-year-old perpetrator has been detained for killing his friend Deepak Vaidhya. According to the police spokesperson, the two friends had a dispute over a gambling debt of $1.89. They started fighting, things got out of hand and Bansal stabbed his friend several times with a knife.

Stabbed to death

Deepak Vaidhya failed to keep his promise to pay back the money within a few days. The 45-year-old auto rickshaw driver was on his way home when he bumped into his friend. They started arguing and within no time they were fighting. Bansal lost control and stabbed Vaidhya, who fell down. The 46-year-old perpetrator decided to flee the scene.

Dead before arriving at hospital

A person walking by discovered the bleeding body and immediately informed the police. Ambulance workers took Vaidhya to a nearby hospital, but he was declared dead shortly after the ambulance arrived. Police officers arrested Bansal after a research revealed that he was seen with Vaidhya shortly before he died. This case shows similarities to the incident in which a winning gambler was killed by his jealous friends.

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