Indian gambler pays high price for success

Evil plan

MurderThey planned to abduct their friend and steal his gambling winnings. However, they lost control of the situation, resulting in the death of Nagendra Gupta. “The arrested wanted to abduct and sedate the victim. Subsequently, they would enter his home and steal the hidden money. The accused took Nagendra to the Ganapathi temple, where they drugged him. However, they got scared when Nagendra broke down and choked him. Then they decided to hide the body near Mulabagilu,” read a statement from Girinagar Police.

Heart attack

Nagendra’s body showed no signs of a violent fight, as a result of which his family assumed that his death was caused by a severe heart attack. However, detectives determined an unnatural cause of Nagendra’s death and they traced the suspects. They also found a highly toxic stimulant drug, plus two vehicles used by the men. The accused are held by order of a judge.

Fatal power of envy

They say success breeds envy, which is proved by this case. Some people can’t stand anyone else’s success and sometimes it even drives people to crime. What makes this case even more extraordinary is the fact that Nagendra was killed by his own friends. You may question the genuineness of their friendship as they hatched an evil plan only to steal his gambling winnings.

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