Indian gambling dens busted

CasinoAn extensive gambling operation has been taken down in the Ganjam district. Golanthara Police officers arrested 26 suspects and seized motorbikes, cell phones and cash money. People in the neighborhood alerted the police about the gambling activities. Investigators raided the premises after the illegal gambling den had been in operation for a couple of months.

Underground casino

There was another report of an illegal casino in the Ahmedabad District. Local police arrested eight suspects plus cash money. Bharat Chauhan was one of the arrested persons, in addition to seven residents from Naroda and Bapunagar. Police also confiscated cell phones, 4 cars and high value properties. Chauhan operated the underground casino and collected a portion of the players’ bets.

Jail for gambling

Approximately 40% of Indian web surfers access the internet mainly to play the lottery and to bet on sports. Recently we reported about the necessity to regulate online gambling. However, gambling is strictly prohibited in India. Those who operate a casino can be ordered to pay a fine or face up to three years in jail. Indians who gamble in public can be fined or get jail time up to one month.

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