Indian government needs to regulate online gambling

Two options

Internet gambling“Passion for gambling spreads to all layers of society, but the impact weighs more heavily on the poor. India’s government should either implement an extremely effective ban or regulate the whole gambling industry,” Rohsler stated.

Gambling inevitable

Indian punters can freely access gambling sites that are located in other countries. The Indian government claims that ISP’s will block websites that offer online gambling. However, gambling fans will always find ways to enjoy their favorite pastime. In the current situation, consumers are not protected and most of them are not aware of the terms and conditions.

Protected gambling environment

India could opt for a licensing system, providing punters a regulated and protected gambling environment. Likewise, it would create new revenue streams. Additionally, licensed operators tend to be extremely compliant because they don’t want to lose their license due to any sign of illegality. For that reason, the Indian government should guarantee a legitimate jurisdiction.

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