Jammu and Kashmir Police conduct several gambling raids

Authorities have detained 25 people in multiple gambling raids, which have been conducted in the Jammu region. Officers seized Rs 1,54,650 in cash, a spokesperson for the Jammu and Kashmir Police said. During one of the raids, police officials discovered an illegal gambling operation, which resulted in the arrest of nine suspects.

Illegal gambling den

Play cardsThe gamblers were enjoying a card game at the time of the raid. All persons arrested reside in the Kathua district. The group consists of Sourab Gupta, Pawan Kumar, Surinder Kumar, Rampaul, Yashpaul, Ashwani Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Kulbhushan and Janak Raj. Officers seized gambling cards, as well as Rs 55,050 in cash for forfeiture.

Rs 21,000 in cash forfeiture

In another case, police raided a Jammu-based premises were five individuals were gambling. Five persons were booked, while officers seized play cards and Rs 21,000 in cash. The fivesome includes Rahul Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Anil Kumar Verma and Sohan Lal.

11 gamblers busted

Additionally, Nagrota Police smashed an illegal gambling operation, which resulted in the arrest of 11 people. Officers recovered a sum of Rs 78,600, in addition to gambling cards. The group consists of Sham Khajuria, Sukesh Khajuria, Vicky Kumar, Raman Kumar, Sunny Baru, Sunil Sharma, Sandeep Abrol, Darshan Kumar, Pardeep Kumar, Suraj Atti, and Papu Kumar.

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