Malaysian woman hits $2,558,571 Sports Toto jackpot

Another Sports Toto customer has won a stunning amount. This time a woman from Malaysia took home a whopping $2,558,571 in cash courtesy of a winning ticket. The 50-year-old gambling enthusiast scooped the so-called ‘toto 4d jackpot 2’. A spokesperson for the Sports Toto added that the multimillion prize came from a system 10 ticket.

Regular Sports Toto player

Sports TotoThe Malaysian woman picked the numbers using a receipt number and the numbers on her driving license. She collected another $484 thanks to eight third and fourth prizes, plus nine fifth prizes. The winner is a regular Sports Toto player who usually bets nearly $80 per ticket. She started playing the 4-digits–based game at the start of this year.

Close one

“Shortly before the cut-off time to purchase tickets, a family member helped me out. I came very close to missing out on the staggering cash prize. I had lady luck on my side, that’s one thing for sure. First I discovered that I had won some cash thanks to the Toto 4D numbers. Then it took two days before I realized I had won the big one”, the fortunate gambler noted.


The Malaysian gambling enthusiast stated that she could not believe it and was still in shock given the large size of the payout. “My children checked the numbers again to make sure that I hadn’t made a mistake. I wasn’t easy to control ourselves after we discovered that I had won a life-changing jackpot”, the 50-year-old woman added.

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