Protests against illegal gambling in Kirari Suleman Nagar

Members of the Aam Aadmi Party have showed their disapproval of the underground gambling venues that operate in Kirari Suleman Nagar. The protesters have gone on hunger strike in attempt to enforce measures against the illegal businesses. Last Saturday, the AAP members demanded from authorities to shut down those gambling dens before Tuesday.

Massive impact

AAP membersAuthorities failed to meet the demands, and for that reason, the members of AAP have launched a hunger strike. Illegal gambling has become a serious threat in Kirari Suleman Nagar. Gambling gangs have a massive impact on daily life in the Indian town. “We have informed the police several times about the illegal activities, but those efforts have been in vain”, a local commented.

Bribed by gambling gangs

Residents claim that authorities refuse to step up against the gambling dens as they get paid by the operators of those establishments. Gambling gangs can operate freely, and it’s been going on for several years, according to a spokesperson for the Aam Aadmi Party. The members have put their money where the mouth is, and they are now on hunger strike.

Families destroyed

Illegal gambling has destroyed numerous families, and especially children have been affected. They get involved in the business, and they quit school. Many people can’t resist the temptation and gamble away their salary, which has resulted in massive problems. The hunger strike is a radical measure to convince authorities to shut down all illegal gambling dens.

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