Woman pays high price for opposing house-based gambling

Never contradict a gambling fan. An Indian woman did exactly the opposite, which she paid with her life. Vinay Singh operated a gambling den from their rented accommodation, which his wife Sandhya disapproved. Local media report that she was found dead with her throat slashed in their house. Vinay however alleged that she was murdered by a robber.

Home-based gambling den

Sandhya’s family claimed that Vinay had killed her as she always complained about the gambling going on inside the house. Vinay and several buddies reportedly used one of the rooms to operate a gambling den, according to local media.

Argument turns deadly

Murder knifeTheir five-year-old daughter confirmed the cruel incident in which her mother was killed. Iccha revealed that things got out of control after an argument about the keys of the gambling room. Virat is the name of their three-year-old son, and together with Sandhya’s mother they all lived in the same house.

Nothing unusual

Police officers arrived at the apartment, which appeared to be robbed. People in the building however had not witnessed anything suspicious. “The building consists of numerous apartments and the neighbors did not notice anything unusual,” a police spokesperson commented.

Life ruined

Neighbors claimed that Sandhya was sick and tired of the gamblers that visited her apartment. Police officers recently booked eight punters in the gambling room. Vinay got away and was not arrested. Sandhya’s father said that Vinay’s gambling racket had completely destroyed her life. “My daughter was fed up with the gambling den inside her house,” he said.

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