A charity slot tournament on JackpotCity.com for Japan

japan earthquakeThe aim is to raise funds and help those who suffer in the Japan after the earthquake and the tsunami that followed.

‘Help Japan’

The online casino JackpotCity.com has announced that its free special three-day tournament ‘Help Japan’, will begin at midnight and that all the benefits will be paid to a humanitarian organization in Japan.

A shocking disaster

‘Japan has been affected by a series of disasters that have brought the country to a standstill’, wrote JackpotCity.com.

The country is in need of support

‘Innocent people of all ages have been affected and the humanitarian agencies of the country are in desperate need of money. This is why JackpotCity.com has decided to organize an online slots tournament, in order to raise much needed funds.’

50, 000 points for the top 5 players

The site stated that the tournament will admit no more than 5 000 participants, so space is limited. At midnight on 20 March, the five best players will share 50,000 loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for casino funds.

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