Hyderabad City Police arrest seven gamblers

Three card poker appears to be quite popular in Lal Bahadur Nagar as police have booked another seven players. The men were enjoying the card game in two vehicles parked in the commercial and residential area of the Indian city. Police officers recovered both cars, as well as 89,940 in cash for forfeiture , in addition to multiple mobile phones.

Organizer smelt a rat

Three card pokerAmong the 7 suspects arrested was 45-year-old Anjaneyulu. Police believe that the latter was the brains behind the underground poker activities. Anjaneyulu initially hosted the illegal gambling in residences, but he decided to move his business after police officers had been monitoring the black-market operation. For that reason, the 45-year-old started using remote locations.

Sly as a fox

“Anjaneyulu would host the card games in vehicles located in the suburbs of the city. Every now and then the 45-year-old suspect would choose other sites in order to stay off the radar”, a spokesperson for the Hyderabad City Police stated. After receiving inside information about another gambling session, Anjaneyulu was ambushed by members of the Special Operations Team (SOT).

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