Indian betting duo kills diamond broker’s son

Aditya RankaIt is worth pointing out that they abducted Rankha’s 13-year-old cousin. The two abductors demanded money from Aditya Ranka’s father, a diamond broker from Mumbai. Sanghvi had borrowed a car from a friend, and they invited the 13-year-old boy for a ride.

Hostage murdered

His father immediately informed the police after the duo had demanded Rs30 lakh in cash. The two friends found out that local police officers were on the case. They lost control of the situation and the 13-year-old hostage was murdered with a knife. Himanshu Rankha and Brijesh Sanghvi tried to hide the murder by burning Aditya’s body.

Bloodstains on shoe

Police investigators interrogated multiple relatives and friends, including Brijesh Sanghvi. They discovered bloodstains on a child’s shoe, which they had found in the car. “The two abductors admitted that they had abducted and killed the young boy. They needed cash to pay off their gambling debts,” a police spokesperson revealed.

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