Earn more than 800 tasty snacks at Royal Panda

Ever heard of the International No Diet Day? Royal Panda hosts an entertaining promotion themed around that annual celebration of body acceptance. The winner takes home a snack package filled with approximately 800 delicious items. It doesn’t come as a surprise that three food-style video slots play the lead role in this appetizing campaign.

Three tasty video slots

Royal Panda invites players to spin the reels of the So Much Candy, So Much Sushi or Big Chef slot for real money between 6-8 May 2016. Achieve the highest combination on one of those fun games in order to win the extensive suit of tasty snacks loaded with nearly one million calories. The organizers of the International No Diet Day will be proud of you!

Over 800 delicious items available

No diet day promoCurious to know what kind of snacks you can expect? We have listed a few appetizing examples:

  • 50 x bags of salted peanuts
  • 20 x tins of corned beef
  • 20 x jars of chocolate spread
  • 10 x jars of jelly beans
  • 20 x packets of gravy granules

1 million calories on the horizon

Excited to start spinning the reels of the three video slots after reading about this tasty promotion? Play So Much Candy, So Much Sushi or Big Chef for real money between 6-8 May, and hunt for the highest combo. You may end up enjoying Royal Panda’s snack parcel packed with approximately 1 million calories.

Royal Panda bonus