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The Kingdom of Cambodia has a population of nearly 16 million, and its land area covers more than 181,000 km². More than 1.5 million people live in the capital city of Phnom Penh. In 1953, Cambodia became an independent country, after 90 years of French rule.
Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, and shares borders with Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, while the Gulf of Thailand is another neighbor. Additionally, the ‘Land of Smiles’ boasts many islands, including:

  • Koh Rong Samloem
  • Koh Rong
  • Koh Ta Kiev
  • Koh Thmei
  • Koh Totang

Khmer is the official language, while approximately 3.5 million Cambodians speak and understand English. Additionally, Mandarin and French are also frequently spoken. About 95 percent of the population practices Thearavada Buddhism, which is Cambodia’s official religion.
Cambodia is famed for its fabulous temples, tropical beaches, majestic buildings and tremendous natural attractions. Amok Trey is one of the most popular Cambodian dishes, and consists of steaming a curry in a banana leaf.
There are multiple land-based gambling establishments, especially in Cambodia’s border regions, which mainly target Chinese punters. Local gambling fans can freely enjoy their favorite games of chance at brick and mortar casinos despite the longstanding ban on Cambodians in casinos.
Regulation regarding gambling fails to provide clarity on the internet equivalent, but it seems that Cambodians aren’t allowed to gamble online. Additionally, the government of Cambodia doesn’t grant licenses to internet casinos or online sportsbooks. At the same time, there is no internet censoring system in place, which means it is possible for Cambodians to gamble on foreign based websites.

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Best Cambodian online casinos

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It’s an open secret that games of luck are traditionally popular in the South Asian country of Cambodia. Indeed, the ‘land of smiles’ boasts a long and diverse history of gambling. Local authorities try to crack down on operators of virtual casinos and providers of sports betting. Nevertheless, it’s almost impossible to prevent people from gambling on the internet. Most online gaming sites are more than happy to welcome Cambodian players, whose language skills are certainly a big plus. Indeed, nearly every online casino is available in English, such as these outstanding gambling platforms:

Popularity online casinos in Cambodia explained

As said before, games of luck are a big part of the Cambodian culture, and representatives of all social strata have a weak spot for gambling. In fact, Cambodian males who don’t take part in games of chance are not considered as real men. Furthermore, underground gambling operations continue to mushroom across the country due to the lack of legal options for local gamblers.
The lower middle-income economy of Cambodia expanded strongly between 1994 and 2015, with an average growth of 7.6 percent. Both tourism and the garment industry were the main drivers of the strong economic development. Growth weakened slightly in 2016, after a 7 percent expansion in 2015, according to the World Bank.
Between 1993 and 2015, Cambodia’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita averaged $599, while it reached a $1,159 level in 2015. The GDP per capita based on purchasing power increased to $3,490 in 2015, which is 18 percent of the world’s average.
The government of Cambodia has made significant progress in terms of poverty reduction. Indeed, the poverty rate has dropped to approximately 8.5 percent, in comparison to nearly 48 percent in 2007. Additionally, antenatal care and skilled health attendance have also improved, which has a positive impact on maternal mortality ratios in Cambodia.
Despite these positive developments, the government still needs to address several issues regarding infrastructure, innovation, education, and competitiveness.
The rising internet penetration is another testament to Cambodia’s strong development. Indeed, the 0.5 percent rate has climbed to more than 32 percent in 2017. In excess of 5 million residents have access to the world wide web, with an increasing number of them using a mobile device.
Taking into account all these developments, in combination with Cambodians’ gambling craze, it’s not much of a surprise that internet casinos and online sportsbooks continue to rise in popularity.

Gambling and online casinos in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Wat PhnomGambling is known to many Asians as a massive and vital aspect of their culture and comes in many forms. There many aspects that contribute to the increasing popularity of the online equivalent, including:

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from Cambodia?

Online casinos are equipped with many reputable and convenient banking systems, which is another advantage of virtual gambling. Players can choose from multiple options with regard to withdrawing and depositing, including:

  • Trustworthy credit card brands, like Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard
  • Popular e-wallet providers, such as Skrill, and Neteller

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