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The Cape Verde archipelago boasts ten arid islands, in addition to five islets, which are located in the Atlantic Ocean. In July 1975, the sunny island country gained independence from Portugal, which explains the fact that Portuguese is the official language. Additionally, Cape Verdean Creole is used as a second language.
The volcanic islands cover a total land area of more than 4,000 km2. A vast majority of the Cape Verdean population (approximately 520,500) is Roman Catholic, while Protestantism is the other main religion.
In addition to its warm tropical climate, Cape Verde is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, including the national dish called ‘cachupa’ (mix of hominy, beans, and fish or meat). Praia is the capital city of Cape Verde, in Portugues: República de Cabo Verde, which has a population of more than 130,200 people. Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, affectionately known as ‘Nani’, is one of the most famous Cape Verdeans. The professional footballer joined Valencia CF in 2016, after playing for Sporting CP, and Manchester United.
The government of Cape Verde legalized gambling in 2005, but there’s only one land-based casino on the volcanic archipelago at the time of writing. However, Macau Legend Development Limited has begun construction of a 152,700 square-meter gambling facility in Praia, which will open its doors in 2019. Based on the so-called ‘Regulamenta de funcinamento dos Casinos e salas de Jogos’, there are several permanent gambling areas. Casino Royal is located on the isle of Sal, which is one of those designated gambling zones. Online gambling is also legal in the tropical island nation, and Cape Verdeans can use whichever virtual casino they desire.

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Best Cape Verdean online casinos

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It’s an open secret that Cape Verdeans have a weak spot for gambling and betting, which explains the popularity of virtual casinos and betting sites on the sunny archipelago. Fortunately, lots of online casinos are available in Portuguese, allowing Cape Verdean gambling fans to choose from many exciting options, including these exclusive platforms:

Popularity online casinos in Cape Verde explained

The service-oriented economy of Cape Verde grew 0.8 percent in 2013, followed by an expansion of 1.8 percent (2014), and a 3.6 percent plus (2015). Nevertheless, both deflation and a high unemployment rate continue to frustrate the economic development of the small archipelago in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, approximately 30 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, according to the World Bank. At the same time, market watchers foresee structural transformation as a result of urban renewal.
Cape Verde’s government has made significant progress in terms of income, health, and education given the improved ranking on the Human Development Index. Both the increased life expectancy and reduced infant mortality are testaments to the positive developments in the volcanic island country. Additionally, the Cape Verdean gross domestic product per capita averaged $1,406 between 1980 and 2013, while it stood at $3,131 in 2015.
The former colony of the Portuguese Empire is a mix of African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why games of chance are so popular in Cape Verde. Partly because of the lack of land-based casinos, locals have massively flocked to online gaming sites. The current internet penetration rate of nearly 43 percent is another reason behind the increasing popularity of internet gambling among Cape Verdeans. Additionally, a growing number of local gamblers prefer a mobile device to enjoy the thrill of online casinos.

Gambling and online casinos in Cape Verde

Cape VerdeThe exciting world of virtual casinos boats lots of pros in comparison to gambling at brick and mortar casinos. These are only a few aspects that contribute to the increasing popularity of online gambling amongst players from all over the world:

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from Cape Verde?

Internet casinos feature a whole host of reputable banking methods, which is obviously another big plus. Indeed, players can choose from lots of secure options when depositing cash, with the same applying for withdrawal methods. Among the many categories, these two encompass the most used systems:

  • Credit cards, such as the leading brands Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard
  • E-wallets, including Skrill, and Neteller

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