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The Central African Republic, situated in the heart of the African continent, covers nearly 623,000 square kilometers. It shares borders with the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The landlocked country with more than 4.6 million inhabitants is known for its political instability, and most Central Africans rely on subsistence agriculture. In 1960, the Central African Republic gained independence from France.
Gambling fans based in the Central African Republic are forced to enjoy their favorite pastime on the internet as there are no land-based casinos in the conflict-ridden country. It’s unlikely that the government clamps down on residents who play at foreign-based online casinos due to the lack of resources. That means locals are at liberty to participate in online gambling, using virtual casinos hosted in other countries.

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Best Central African online casinos

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A considerable portion of the Central African population speaks French, while Sangho is the country’s other official language. Knowledge of the French language certainly comes in handy when looking for an online gambling platform.
The following online gaming sites have a large customer base, which is obviously for a good reason:

Popularity online casinos in the Central African Republic explained

With a poverty rate of approximately 62 percent, the Central African Republic is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries on the globe. Approximately 55 percent of the country’s economic activities comes from the agricultural sector. Nearly 70 percent of the Central Africans lives in remote areas, and most of them engage in subsistence farming.
After a massive 36 percent plunge in 2013, economic growth returned in 2014 (+1 percent). Last year’s growth accelerated to 5.5 percent, and the African Development Bank (AfDB) expects a 5.7 percent expansion in 2016.
There are more than 224,400 internet users in the Central African Republic, who represent a 4.5 percent penetration rate. The number of internet users, as well as the usage of smartphones and tablet computers, will increase further in the next years. Needless to say that both economic and political developments in the Central African Republic will have a massive impact on those numbers. One thing’s for sure: Central Africans love to play games of chance.

Gambling and online casinos in the Central African Republic

Central African RepublicAn increasing number of gamblers prefer to enjoy their beloved pastime online. Here’s why land-based gambling venues continuously lose ground to internet casinos:

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from the Central African Republic?

The free-play mode is another cool feature at online casinos, but players who want to collect some cash have to make a deposit and play for real money. Online gaming platforms offer many reputable and user-friendly payment systems, such as:

  • Credit cards, ranging from Visa, and MasterCard to Maestro
  • E-wallets are another popular option, including the market leaders Neteller and Skrill

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