What to do and what not to do while Gambling

Have you ever wondered why the number seven is considered lucky? Or why a black cat crossing your path is bad luck? There are many speculations about the origins of these common superstitions, but without any logical explanations, they remain just that: superstitions that have successfully been passed down from generation to generation.

Let us start out by giving a clear definition of what a superstition is. It is a commonly accepted belief that does not find its basis in logical reasoning, that an act or action or object may influence the probability of an event taking place. This event may be perceived either as being positive or negative. The strangest characteristic about these so called superstitions is that even though they have no logical foundation and may seem totally bizarre to many, a large percentage of people educated and otherwise have a resolute belief in them. We all have varying degrees of superstition that can impact our behaviour on a conscious or subconscious level.

What does superstition have to do with gambling?

Superstition and gambling have had a very close relationship since ancient times. Both gambling and superstitions have remained strong over thousands and thousands of years into the twenty-first century.

For example, if you ever visit Las Vegas, North America’s casino hub, you will find that nearly every hotel you enter lacks a 13th floor. This is because of the longstanding superstition that the number 13 is bad luck.

If you’ve ever played the slots, you know that slot machines pay out on the lucky combination of three sevens. This is hardly a coincidence because in many cultures and religions, the number 7 signifies wealth, prosperity and good fortune. As rational human beings we know that gambling is based on chance and probability, yet over the years, psychological studies have determined that gamblers are more superstitious than non-gamblers.

Beginner’s Luck

Even if you’ve only gambled once or twice in your entire life, you’re probably familiar with the expression “beginners luck.” It’s a common belief among gamblers that players who are new to a game will always win.
Or you’ve heard someone say “the slot machine is due for a payout” as they continue to insert coins, obviously forgetting about the randomness of casino games, especially slot machines.

Online Casino versus Land-based Casinos

Whether people prefer to gamble in an online casino or at a land-based casino, a large percentage often sincerely believe that their winning streak will be improved by applying these superstitious beliefs, whatever the outcome may be. We demonstrate below which superstitions are reputed to bring luck and which actions, objects are associated with bad luck in common belief.

Lucky things

chinese gamblers• The famous four-leaved clover
• Carrying a horseshoe with you
• Dressing up to the nines
• Carrying with you a rabbit foot
• Wearing a certain piece of clothing that brings you luck
• A blow on the dice as you roll
• Keeping your casino chips in an orderly fashion
• Cross your fingers at the right time
• Playing with sympathetic dealers deemed lucky
• The colour red
• Crossing your legs while you gamble
• Pick up your cards in the same manner each time to attract luck
• Rub dice together before you roll

Unlucky things

• Never break a mirror, it brings seven years bad luck
• Avoid the colour black at all costs
• Never walk under ladders
• Keep dogs away from gambling tables
• Never let a black cat cross in front of you
• Do not let others touch your casino chips
• Avoid playing cards earlier than 6pm any given Friday night
• Never lend your money to another person while a card game is in progress
• Never drop your cards on the floor while playing
• Never sing while you gamble, especially if you have a bad singing voice!

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