A lucrative illegal casino network dismantled

High-roller life-style

The head of the illegal network was reportedly posing as a company CEO while operating the network of illegal casino games machines. The boss of the network was reported by the police to have led a very high roller life-style that was enabled by the high levels of profit that this illegal operation was generating. The man travelled by helicopter and had a collection of luxury villas as well as expensive cars and availed of the services of expensive call-girls.

Millions of Euros in profit

According to investigators, the network generated several million Euros in profit. It operated throughout a number of bars. The seemingly innocent fake casino game machines, such as pinball machines and arcade games were in reality connected to the internet leading the players to unknowingly play in an online casino.

25 people arrested in connection with the case

The bar owners operated as croupiers. They would collect the bets and payout winnings to the players while taking a commission in the process. A total of 25 people have been arrested to date in connection with the case.

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