ICC cooperates with black-market bookmakers

Some illegal Indian bookmakers are providing information to the ICC’s anti-corruption division. In order to take on gambling-connected corruption in cricket, the International Cricket Council cooperates with a number of black-market Indian bookies.

Prosperous gambling market

Sports wagering is forbidden in India. However, most suspicious betting on cricket originates from India. This has resulted in an extensive and prosperous gambling market. Due to the lack of regulation, it’s impossible to track financial flows. A regulated betting market results in additional tax revenues, while it also helps anti-corruption units to detect suspicious betting activities.

Fighting corruption in cricket

Haroon Lorgat, chief executive of the ICC, recently stated that sports wagering should become legal in India. That would be a major step in fighting corruption in cricket, according to Lorgat. “It’s one of the measures to combat corruption in the game. However, legalizing sports betting depends on legislators,” the ICC chief executive added.

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