₹4.8 billion Powerball jackpot available in India

The Powerball is definitely one of most popular lottery games due to the amazing jackpots. The lottery game is available in 45 American states, and its jackpot kicks off at $40 million. Currently, the Powerball jackpot has soared to a whopping ₹4.8 billion. Did you know that you can also play the Powerball game in India?

Record jackpot of ₹ 36,446,660,000

PowerballEvery Wednesday and Saturday, Powerball players are excited about the drawing. The jackpot rises every time it rolls over, resulting in life-changing jackpots up to nearly ₹ 18,532,200,000. Last year, a Florida resident took home ₹ 36,446,660,000 in cash courtesy of a winning Powerball ticket.

Many cash prizes up for grabs

You may ask yourself: what does it take to take home the Powerball prize? If all numbers on your ticket, including the Powerball number, match the ones that were drawn, you win big time. All Powerball players seek to win the top jackpot, but there are many more prizes up for grabs. Those minor prizes require less matching numbers. Additionally, the Power Play feature enables you to boost all those cash prizes.

Match numbers to win

Good news for Indian lottery fans: the Powerball action is also available in India. You can also benefit from the Power Play feature. Visit the Lotto India site to learn all about buying Powerball tickets from India. Just like in all lottery games, the Powerball is all about matching numbers. Matching the Powerball number is already enough to win.

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