Poker Stars celebrates its sixty billionth game

An anonymous player playing under the username ‘pogo650’ just won $ 100,000 with Poker Stars on the online casino after winning the 60 billionth game on the site.

The largest poker site in the world

pokerstars 60 billionth gamePoker Stars which is the largest online poker site worldwide revealed that the lucky player was taking part in a game of Texas Hold’em with a total of six players, shortly after 9: 30am (New York time) and that the other five competitors each received $20,000.

How to spend such a prize?

‘I don’t really know what to do with myself now’, says the resident from the United Kingdom ‘pogo650’ after winning $102,090.

An unbelievable opportunity

‘I-d say I am the luckiest player this week. I lost two sessions before finally winning the Milestone Hands. I think I can afford to change my old car now.’

‘Road to 60 billion’

Poker Stars stated that his promotion ‘Road To 60 trillion ‘ began last week after the 59,700 millionth game and players who played in each ‘Milestone Hand’ of the 100 millionth game received $50 in cash, and the same amount for each VIP player point that they had earned during the previous 50 games.

50 Billionth game celebrated

Poker Stars celebrated its 50 billionth game only six months ago, and its offer ‘Road To 60 billion ‘ included 300 regular ‘Milestone Hand’ games. The winner of the final Mega Milestone Hand saw their prize doubled.

Prize doubled

‘For example, a player who took part in the 59,742 millionth game who won 24 VIP player points in 31 games received a prize of $ 1,250’, wrote Poker Stars. ‘. The player who eventually wins the game will see their reward doubled.

An additional bonus of $ 60,000

For the ‘Mega Milestone’, the calculation is the same but multiplied by ten. The winner of the game will get their prize money doubled but will receive an additional $60,000 bonus.’

Royal Panda bonus