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The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small archipelago with a population of more than 1.3 million people. It is considered the most liberal Islamic country in the world, and comprises of approximately 30 islands in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain covers about 770 km2 of land, the island nation shares maritime borders with three countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar.
In addition to the 400-year-old Tree of Life (located in the Arabian desert), the Bahrain International Circuit is another famous landmark. Both the Qal’at al-Bahrain fort, and Bahrain Pearling Trail are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The ‘land of pearls, oil and ancient history’ is a popular tourist destination partly because of the diverse offerings of activities, including scuba diving, horse riding, and bird watching. Manama is both the largest and capital city of Bahrain, with a population of nearly 157,000 people.
It should come as no surprise that games of luck are banned given the fact that islam is the country’s state religion. Just like in most nations with a gambling ban, Bahrainis massively indulge in online casino games, such as virtual slot machines and table games.

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Best Bahraini online casinos

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Although Arabic is the official language, a vast majority of the Bahraini population speaks English, and there are even multiple newspapers in English. There are only a few online gaming sites available in Arabic, which gives Bahraini gamblers with knowledge of the world language a big advantage. Indeed, nearly every virtual casino is presented in English, such as these leading online gaming sites:

Popularity online casinos in Bahrain explained

Just like all Gulf countries, Bahrain is a wealthy nation despite the very little oil reserves. Thanks to years of extensive investments, the finance sector is flourishing like never before. With a GDP per capita of approximately $50,600 in 2016, Bahrain is among the 50 richest countries on the globe.
The Bahraini economy expanded 5.4 percent in 2013, followed by two years of declining growth rates. Last year, the downward trend continued with a 2 percent growth, and this year’s expansion is estimated at 1.7 percent.
Bahrain’s unemployment rate continues to hover around 4 percent, while the inflation averaged 2.27 percent between 2008 and 2016.
Although the small Arabic kingdom is generally a rich nation, there is a considerable imbalance in wealth. The government of Bahrain tries to decrease relative poverty, but the extreme form doesn’t exist in the tiny island country.
Approximately 92 percent of the Bahraini population has access to the internet, in comparison to 33 percent in 2007. Smartphone and tablet ownership continues to rise in most countries in the world, which is also the case in Bahrain. It’s easy to see why online gambling is so popular in the Arabic kingdom considering the wealth and high (mobile) internet usage.

Gambling and online casinos in Bahrain

Pearl Roundabout BahrainThe wealthy residents of Bahrain have massively discovered the fascinating world of internet gambling. It’s an open secret that the online variant offers multiple advantages compared to the land-based equivalent. These are some of the reasons why Bahrainis have a great love affair with virtual casino games:

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from Bahrain?

The security of deposits is certainly a significant concern for online gamblers. Fortunately, internet casinos are equipped with plenty of convenient and trustworthy banking systems. Despite the myriad of available online deposit methods, these are two of the most popular options:

  • Payments via credit cards, like MasterCard, Maestro and Visa
  • Deposits via e-wallets, including the leading providers Skrill and Neteller

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