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Wales is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. With a population of more than 3.2 million people, the Celtic nation is the third largest country of the British Isles. Wales, also known as Cymru, has a total land area of approximately 20,761 km2. Cardiff is not only the capital city, it’s also Wales’ most important commercial and cultural hub. Christianity is the main religion among Welsh, while a significant portion of the population, approximately one third, identifies as religiously unaffiliated.
Wales is famous for its cartloads of castles, and the ‘land of legendary King Arthur’ boasts more sheep tan people. Both the Cambrian Mountains and Brecon Beacons dominate the fabulous landscape, which also features nearly 400 natural lakes, multiple beaches, and three national parks.
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Vinnies Jones, Ryan Giggs, Tom Jones, and Gareth Bale are some examples of Welsh celebrities.
The United Kingdom is a gambling hub where people can freely enjoy games of luck. British have a weak spot for sports betting, while the popularity of online gambling is spreading like an oil stain across the UK. Needless to say that Wales is no exception when it comes to games of chance, and locals can choose from several land-based casinos, alongside multiple betting shops. Additionally, an increasing percentage of the population enjoys gambling and betting on the world wide web.

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Best Welsh online casinos

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It goes without saying that English is Wales’ official language, alongside Welsh, which also has the official status. The latter language is spoken by 19 percent of the population. Additionally, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Cantonese, Polish, and Irish are the main minority languages in Cymru.
Needless to say that Welsh gambling enthusiasts benefit from their language skills when playing online. Nearly every virtual casino is available in English, while German, Spanish and Polish are also offered by many gaming sites. This trio of trustworthy and rewarding internet casinos definitely accept players from Wales:

Popularity online casinos in Wales explained

It should come as no surprise that Wales has close links to both the other UK countries and the Eurozone. The service industry is the largest contributor to the Welsh economy, followed by manufacturing, which has recovered well after the slump in 2008.
In terms of gross value added (GVA) per head, the economy of Wales expanded 12.9% between 2008 and 2015. The declining unemployment rate is another testament to the economic progress, which is also reflected in the strong rise of tech companies across the country.
Wales sets itself apart from the other UK nations because of the relatively small income discrepancies, according to the Office for National Statistics. In fact, in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland the disparities of income are larger than in Wales.
The internet penetration rate has surged to almost 90 percent , which is a testament to the outstanding infrastructure in Wales. Additionally, nearly 70 percent of the Welsh population owns a tablet computer, compared to the UK average of 59 percent. The smartphone ownership also continues to grow, although a vast majority of the internet users in Wales still prefers to use a laptop. Given the huge popularity of gambling and betting, it’s easy to understand why virtual casinos and online bookies are on the rise amongst representatives of all social strata of Wales.

Gambling and online casinos in Wales

Wales landscapeThe popularity of virtual gambling spreads like wildfire across the world, and the trend is also noticeable in the mountainous country of Wales. Ever wondered why online casinos are so popular? These are the main aspects that contribute to the success of internet gambling:

  • Many stunning bonuses
  • Online casinos compatible with mobile devices
  • Dazzling promotions loaded with awesome giveaways
  • Life-changing cash prizes, jackpots, etc.
  • Versatile gaming repertoires
  • Cool features, including free spins, bonus rounds, free-play mode, chat function, etc.
  • Generous rewards programs
  • Live online casinos that add a new dimension to virtual gambling

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from Wales?

The security of deposits is obviously one of the most important issues for online gamblers. Therefore, internet casinos provide players with a wide choice of easy-to -use, quick, and trustworthy payment methods, for example:

  • Leading credit cards, e.g., Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard
  • Popular and reputable digital wallets, such as Skrill, and Neteller

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