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Luck and chance are important elements of the Chinese culture, which partly explains the popularity of gambling in the world’s fourth largest country. The social aspect is another reason behind the widespread presence of gambling in China. However, the population has only two state-operated lotteries to choose from. All other forms of gambling are illegal, with the exception of two Special Administrative Regions. Chinese gambling enthusiasts can enjoy casinos in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, while Hong Kong is the place to be for legal betting on horse races.

Theoretically, Chinese are not allowed to gamble at foreign-based online casinos. The government intends to block those gaming sites, but locals seem to have no problem finding ways to enjoy online games of chance.

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Best Chinese online casinos

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Almost needless to say that lots of overseas online casinos are more than happy to welcome Chinese players. Multiple gaming sites even offer their services in both the Chinese language and the Chinese currency. It may be difficult to find a reputable online casino due to the overwhelming demand. For that reason we have selected three very reliable options:

Popularity online casinos in China explained

The Chinese economy has produced impressive growth numbers in the last couple of years, including a 9.5 percent expansion in 2011. However, the economic growth is slowing down, which has a massive impact on the global economy. The World Bank expects the Chinese gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 7.1 percent this year, after it will decelerate to 7.0 percent in 2016, and 6.9 percent in 2017. That would mean that the rate would drop below the government’s target of 7 percent.

China is the world’s largest smartphone market, and more than 557 million Chinese use their smartphone to access the internet. According to the latest figures, the internet penetration rate has grown to more than 48 percent. Market watchers expect that the current number of internet users in China, more than 650 million, will continue to grow steadily in the next years.

If you add China’s weak spot for gambling, it becomes clear why online casinos are such a big hit in the Asian communist nation.

Gambling and online casinos in China

Online casino gambling is spreading like wildfire across China, which isn’t much of a surprise considering all benefits. Chinese prefer to spend time online rather than watching television, as national media are censored, and online gaming sites are definitely an exciting alternative. Saying that Chinese are familiar with spending money on the web would go down as the understatement of the day. Gambling enthusiasts based in the world’s fourth largest country love to indulge themselves in online slots, and other casino games.

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from China?

Great Wall of ChinaPlaying casino games for fun is one of many benefits of online casinos, but winning some cash certainly adds up to the fun. Luckily, online gaming sites are equipped with a whole range of safe and secure payment methods. You may want to consider these convenient methods:

  • Leading credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, are among the most popular options at online casinos.
  • An increasing number of online gamblers use electronic wallets when making a deposit. Neteller is without a doubt one of the most commonly used brands.
  • In addition to Neteller, Skrill is another big player in the world of digital wallets.

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