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In addition to Macau, Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of China. This autonomous territory is located in the southeastern corner of China and has a population of more than 7.3 million people. Hong Kong is famous for its impressive skyline, the enormous Big Buddha and many food joints.
It is one of the four most densely populated sovereign states on the globe, and its area covers 1,106 km2. The New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island are the three main areas, while Hong Kong encompasses 263 islands. Macau, China’s other special administrative region, is only 60 km away.
According to recent studies, more than 80 percent of Hong Kong’s adult population enjoys games of luck every now and then although most forms are not permitted. However, a couple of cruise ships offer casino games, while betting on soccer games and horse races is also legal in Hong Kong. There are no Hong Kong-licensed online casinos, but that doesn’t stop locals from playing at offshore gaming sites. Indeed, online casino gambling is a big hit among Hong Kong Chinese.

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Best Hong Kong online casinos

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Hong Kongers with a weak spot for online gambling can choose from many options as both Chinese and English are the official languages in the special administrative region of China. It goes without saying that many online casinos are available in English, while an increasing number of gaming sites also offer the Chinese language.
The following virtual casinos are extremely popular amongst gamblers from all over the world, which is definitely for a reason:


Popularity online casinos in Hong Kong explained

The service-oriented economy of Hong Kong is known as one of the leading financial hubs on the globe due to the high concentration of banking institutions. Besides its low tax rates, the free trade police is another reason why it’s one of the world’s freest economies.
After a 4.8 percent expansion in 2011, Hong Kong’s growth moderated to 1.7 percent in the next year. In 2013 however, its gross domestic product (GDP) rose 3.1 percent, followed by a 2.7 percent growth in 2014, and a 2.4 percent expansion last year. The government of Hong Kong expects a 1.5 percent growth in 2016.
Hong Kong is the sixth-prosperous economy on the globe, according to Global Finance Magazine. Mainland China’s capita GDP (PPP) is approximately US$10,000, while Hong Kong’s capita GDP is US$53,400. At the same time, Hong Kong is one of the most expensive regions to live.
More than 81 percent of the population has access to the world wide web, which contrasts massively with the 34.1 percent in 2000. Hong Kong has one of the highest mobile internet penetration rates of all Asian countries. If you add the increased fondness for gambling, it isn’t much of a surprise that online casinos are a prevalent entertainment activity among Hong Kong Chinese.

Gambling and online casinos in Hong Kong

Hong Kong skylineIt’s an open secret that internet gambling has an edge on its land-based cousin because of many reasons. These are some of the key factors behind the success story of online casinos:

  • Top-notch online casino games with face-melting visuals
  • Stunning bonuses, including deposit bonuses
  • Mobile casinos
  • Tons of exciting sweepstakes and promotions
  • Dazzling cash prizes, such as multimillion progressive jackpots
  • Rewarding loyalty programs
  • Live casinos

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from Hong Kong?

Everybody loves the free-play feature that most online casino games offer. However, gamblers who like to rake in some cash have to play for real money. Luckily, online gaming sites come with a whole host of user-friendly and trustworthy deposit methods, for example:

  • Credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro
  • E-wallets, including Skrill and Neteller

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