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The landlocked country of Uganda is located in the East African region, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya are its neighboring countries. In addition, three different lakes surround the ‘land of beauty’.
Uganda has a population of more than 40.3 million people, while the total land area covers approximately 241,000 km2. During a period of 68 years, Uganda was a British Protectorate, but the East African country gained independence in 1962.
Besides multiple striking national parks, Uganda is famed for its fabulous wildlife, which features many waterbodies. The ‘pearl of Africa’ is also known as the source of the famous river Nile, while the well-developed tourist industry, and the tropical climate also contribute to the charm of Uganda.
  Sports bettingis one of the most popular types of gambling in Uganda, although most forms are under regulated. For that reason, problem gambling and illegal games of chance, including underground sports betting, are on the rise in the developing country that is intersected by the equator.
Online casino gambling is also legal in Uganda, and the government grants licenses to operators of internet gaming sites. That means Ugandans can choose from both national and foreign-based online casinos.

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Best Ugandan online casinos

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Due to its colonial past, English is one of the two official languages in the multilingual country of Uganda. Swahili is the other official language, while Luganda is also widely spoken. The huge variety of indigenous languages in Uganda can be broken down into three main categories: Bantu, Central Sudanic, and Nilotic. Both Luganda and Swahili belong to the Bantu family.
Ugandan gambling enthusiast definitely benefit from their British heritage as nearly every virtual casino and online sportsbook is available in English. This trio of exciting online gaming sites are popular platforms, partly because of their reliability and safety:

Popularity online casinos in Uganda explained

Ugandans, like many Africans, love their gambling, with sports betting being a particular favorite. However, both internet casinos and online sportsbooks are enjoyed by an increasing percentage of the population. The growing purchasing power parity (PPP) is one of the contributing factors to the huge progress in terms of poverty reduction in Uganda.
The economy comprises three main sectors: Agriculture, industry, and services. With an average economic expansion of 7.3 percent between 2000 and 2010, Uganda was one of the best performing economies on the globe. The gross domestic product (GDP) grew 3 percent in the same period, mainly because of the strong population growth.
However, the expansion of the Ugandan economy has lost momentum in the last ten years. The World Bank expects GDP-growth to pick up between 2017 and 2020, with an estimated average of 6.3 percent.
The unemployment rate averaged 3.6 percent between 2003 and 2013, which reflects the improving living conditions in Uganda. Although inflation averaged 6.6 percent between 1998 and 2017, economists expect the rate to reach 8 percent in 2020.
After a penetration rate of 3.7 percent in 2007, more than 19 percent of the Ugandan population has access to the internet in 2017. Needless to say that the number of internet users will continue to increase over the next years, with the same applying for the usage of mobile devices. Considering the Ugandans’ weak spot for games of chance, it’s easy to understand that online gambling and sports betting will become even more popular.

Gambling and online casinos in Uganda

Rwenzori MountainsIt’s an open secret in the gambling industry that the online equivalent is gaining ground rapidly on the land-based version. Indeed, virtual casinos provide players with a stellar online gambling experience with many cool aspects, such as:

How to deposit money in an online casino when I’m from Uganda?

Most online casino games allow players to enjoy the fun without wagering any real cash thanks to the free-play mode. This fun feature certainly adds a cool dimension to gambling. Play for real money if you’re looking for a staggering jackpot or massive payout. Select one of many simple and quick payment options, for example these excellent options:

  • Credit card deposits, including Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard
  • Electronic wallets, such as Skrill, and Neteller

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