Further Popular Casino Rituals

It is a popular casino ritual to carry with you a lucky charm while you are gambling. Many frequent gamblers who are superstitiously inclined will take with them various lucky charms that they either display on the casino tables or keep hidden from view. Poker players for example often will use such lucky charms to protect their cards, thus giving them a double usage.

Stuffed Animals

Lucky charms also extend to a variety of stuffed animals including most commonly teddy bears for example that some superstitious gamblers dress up in the colours of their favourite sports teams.
One gambler was spotted in a Las Vegas casino with a teddy bear the size of a small child sitting on his lap while
playing the slot machines. He would even speak to the teddy bear in between spins and use the bear’s paw to hit the spin button.

Casino Wishing Wells

One of the most widely acknowledged and accepted superstitious rituals the world over is tossing a coin into a fountain or well while making a wish. Based on this a large number of casinos have installed in-house “wishing wells” that bring in thousands of extra dollars from gamblers willing to throw away their money in the belief that if they make a wish at the same time it will bring them luck in some way or another.

Power of Prayer

Further rituals also involve prayer during gambling. Some religious gamblers can be observed at the casino tables with rosary beads and other religious symbols and practices while playing slots machines at the same time for example. Others have been known to pray out loud while playing.

Manipulate the Machine

Despite the fact that most gamblers are aware that slot machines work in a random manner, many of them will use all manner of rituals and superstitions in some belief that they may be able to influence the randomness of slot machines. One player of video poker claimed that she would hit the re-deal button after winning a hand while if she lost a hand she would hit five times the single bet button.

Luck is in your own hands

Though there is no logical or scientific proof that any of the above mentioned rituals, lucky charms or other superstitions have any known influence or effect on the outcome, if gamblers experience pleasure and enjoyment or comfort from performing a ritual or carrying a lucky charm then this can only be beneficial.

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