Gambling existed yet before humans evolved

Regardless if you are pro or against gambling, the activity has become part of daily life. In fact, humans were already betting and gambling before the evolution started. Just think about the betting on fights between Roman gladiators. Considered in that light, defining sports betting as a criminal activity is absurd.

Boring world without risk appetite

Gambling brainThere’s nothing wrong with betting on sports events, contrary to trying to manipulate the game. For that reason, it’s crucial to separate match-fixing from innocent sports betting fun. Indeed, most people like the uncertainty when they can win some cash, regardless of the risks. Things would be quite dull if risk aversion would dominate the human brain.

Massive betting market

Saying that cricket is the number one sport in India would be stating the obvious. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Indian gambling enthusiasts love to place bets on their beloved sport. In fact, Indian punters spend a dazzling Rs. 5000 crore on cricket betting every year. Despite the inborn fascination with betting, most forms are heavily restricted, which has resulted in a flourishing black-market scene.

Legalizing is the answer

Banning gambling is pointless given the fact that it’s a basic instinct. Additionally, the open character of the internet makes it impossible to prohibit betting. The world wide web is packed with online gambling sites that are more than happy to accept bets from Indian gamblers. Almost needless to say that the government is missing out on massive amounts of tax revenue. Legalizing seems the right answer, but some experts believe that a strong system is required before legalizing betting.

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